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Darsot Food Corporation  Class in a can
Our canning division has the capacity of producing in excess of 100,000 cans per shift. The plant currently produces 80 varying products. These products are marketed under the DURSOTS brand. Our major canning activities are vegetables, jam and halaal meat products. Over 6 different size can products are produced. The factory currently has nine production lines. The company does its own distribution with over 25 trucks.

Darsot & more Chemicals  Class in a tub
This factory produces floor polish and detergents. The polish is produced from hydro carbon and assorted waxes, packed in tins and plastic buckets. Quality on par with leading brands on the market. The chemicals side manufactures dishwashing liquids, foam baths, hand wash, washing powders, liquid soaps, hydro chlorine etc. Under the Spic & Span® brand.

Darsot Beverages  Class in a glass
Mineral water is sourced from the Eikenhof area. The tested mineral content and taste of the water surpasses many products of a similar nature. An environment friendly method of extra purification ensures a superior quality product, which is amplified in its marketing name aqua zone. The depth and intrinsic goodness and taste of the water will be the same as it comes out of the earth, but with reduced bacteria because of the environmentally friendly ozone treatment plant commissioned by our group.

Darsot Oils & Cake Mills  Class in a bottle
The oil plant currently undertakes the process of crushing and refining sunflower cooking oil of an exceptional quality. DURSOTS was the first oil producers to be awarded the gold seal in its first year of production. The current capacity of the plant is to produce 1000 tons per month of refined oil.

Tin Can Man
This factory manufactures tin food cans made from the finest quality steel coating base. There are varied sizes of cans manufactured on a daily basis.

Five Point Steel
Manufactures of steel window frames, door frames, roof sheeting & profiling. We supply to hardware stores in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Royal Peanut Butter
Manufacturers of peanut butter made from the finest peanuts. There are two variants of our product namely smooth and crunchy.

Royal Prepackers
Our packaging factory comprises of packaging of dry beans, biscuits, par boiled rice, basmati rice, etc.

Dursots Table Salt
Packers of both fine salt and rough salt.

Dursots Vineger
Packers of both brown vinegar and white vinegar.

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